Sustainability has been a term that is overly used for some people and sometimes, it’s beyond their reach. Unilever is one of the true warrior in the industry who has been actively communicating their sustainable effort, transparently. With Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) established as a blueprint for them in carrying out its commitments to drive positive impact on the society, environment and the company. This commitment is divided into 3 main pillars, the cleanliness and welfare, the environment, and the community livelihood which are embedded as part of its DNA in running its business, and this is shown by making USLP as the foundation of all its business process. So, how do we educate, or furthermore, popularize the concept of it to the society who were connecting sustainability with only one aspect of life, which is environment?

We were actively contributed in Unilever’s corporate communication pillars, from Dec 2018 to Dec 2019. Our role included the development of strategic communication and planning, ensuring the story of Unilever, USLP and numbers of sustainable initiatives disseminated in across omni-channels, strengthen partnerships with many reputable community and changemakers who have the same vision and has been doing real actions to creating real impacts, as well as enhancing relationship with conventional as well as ‘new’ digital media platform.

As a result, we are reaching wider audiences through purpose-driven message supported by experts and credible spokespersons in building engaging stories with different approach for Unilever stakeholders’ universe. We told stories of sustainability from different perspectives, mainly on plastic commitment, but furthermore through sustainable resourcing (tea, palm oil) and social livelihood (story of the local heroes).

Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods
Specialist expertise: Better Impact™
Office: Jakarta

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